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Together with John Coltrane, he changed the course of jazz, freeing it from bebop, pushing it in new directions. Probably more than any other figure Coleman ensured that jazz was unchained from traditional rules of harmony and rhythm and chord structure, and less rooted in the American songbook.

His influence ranged far wider than jazz. His ideas fed into classical, electronic and rock; those who drew upon his work included Leonard Bernstein, John Zorn and Lou Reed. It was a sentiment that dogged Coleman virtually throughout his career.

Yet, the idea that he was simply a noise maker is absurd to anyone who has truly listened to his music. Yes, his work could be difficult, dissonant, confrontational, chaotic. But it was also often melancholic, haunting, beautiful. Some of it is even funky. And always in the background are the blues; Coleman grew up with the blues, and much of his work is rooted in the blues, but a blues loosened up and given flight.

How to Find Price Comps for Unique Items You Want to Sell on eBay

But if the item is rare or one of a kind, there may not be any comps to compare it to. Here are a few strategies for researching items when eBay sold items don't provide the needed information.

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Completed listings may not have many results for Items limited in quantity. If that is the case, the next step is to look at active listings. But look carefully. Examine the seller and determine if the seller has experience in the particular niche.

Beauty Is A Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings - Record Collector Magazine

For example, if you are selling a mid-century modern vase, and can't find one like it in completed listings, check actives. If you find a similar one in active listings, look at the seller's other items.

Do they specialize in mid-century modern, or vases? Do they have an established account with a healthy feedback number indicating they are an experienced seller? If so, their pricing may be spot-on, and you can use it as a guideline.


On the other hand, if the seller is new, doesn't have much feedback, doesn't seem to specialize in a niche, or has sloppy listings with poor titles and photography, don't use their pricing as a guide. Etsy is an online marketplace with a completely different feel than eBay. It is an artisan community with handmade items, vintage items, or custom made items. Many times, the exact same item will be for sale on eBay and Etsy and priced much higher on Etsy. You may see your rare item on Etsy and can take pricing cues from there.

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Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to see completed listings on Etsy. There are tedious workarounds posted on various Etsy forums and blogs, but Etsy does not provide information on completed sales.