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  • The Canary Murder Case (Philo Vance Murder Cases, book 2) by S S van Dine.

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Philo Vance - The Canary Murder Case - 1929 - ST: ENG - ESP.

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Philo Vance

Happy, now? And would that be relevant to their work? Yes, he can be irritating.

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  • The Canary Murder Case.

Pretty much everyone resembling a real human being is, sometimes. Which is part of the point.

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And his cases are legitimate fair-play mysteries. Before you beat up on him too badly, try to imagine what will be said in seventy years about the detectives you now praise. Van Dine is silly to spend six months writing a novel when you can buy one for two dollars and ninety-eight cents. He is a bore when he discusses art and philosophy, but when he switches to criminal psychology he is delightful.

There is a theory that anyone that talks enough on any subject must, if only by chance, finally say something not altogether incorrect. Vance disproves this theory: he manages always, and usually ridiculously, to be wrong. Van Dine and various other popular writers and public figures from the s.

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Being syndicated, the episodes would air when and in what order the subscribers felt like doing. Share this: Share Twitter Facebook Email. Like this: Like Loading Van dine. Published September 9, March 5, Previous Post Arthur Halstead.