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Only when asked for advice will a member of the Druid Order give his opinion.

Celtic Goddesses and Gods Part 5

One of the basics of the druidic beliefs is the idea of Awen or the divine inspiration. It is otherwise described as gnosis, or the intuitive wisdom derived from the practice of Druidism.

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It is thought to be unique in every individual and is described as poetic inspiration. Awen is used to describe the poetry used by bards to pass down the story of the Druids, and modern usage describes poets and musicians in the same way. The symbol of Awen is depicted by three rays representing harmony and universal balance. Some theorize that the ancient Druids built Stonehenge, given their reverence for it, as well as other sacred monolithic sites.

This idea was first posited by John Aubrey in and later perpetuated by William Stukeley. Though, theis theory has supposedly been discredited as radiocarbon dating showed the stones date back to 3, BC, while the known history of the Druids begins around BC. Still, there is no definitive proof or credible theory as to who built Stonehenge that has been widely accepted, leading some to believe that an ancient sect of Druids may have in fact, constructed the site.

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In more esoteric beliefs, an alleged group of ancient Druids from Atlantis are thought to have possibly constructed Stonehenge using some exotic, or anti-gravity technology. Merlin, the legendary wizard in Arthurian lore, is sometimes credited as being responsible for moving the ton stones transported hundreds of miles to build Stonehenge.

But some believe Merlin to have been a Pheryllt druid, named Taliesin, having practiced magical alchemy or who possessed anti-gravity technology. Pheryllt was an esoteric sect of Druidism sometimes alluded to by bards.

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The Pheryllt were said to have arrived in Wales after the sinking of Atlantis and share many similarities in their beliefs with Eastern dharmic religions. The connections between Druidism and Hinduism are particularly striking. The Pheryllt also spoke of a female goddess, Cerridwen, who shares many parallels with the Hindu goddess Kali.

Could there have been a common Atlantean origin or ancestry between the Celtic Druids and other ancient eastern cultures? Similarities in mythology aside, there are also many parallels in their belief systems, including reincarnation and cosmology. Travel down a new road with Gaia, a member-supported conscious media company.

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Everything is waiting for you; which path will you choose? By: Gaia Staff Sept. Ancient Druids In ancient times, Druids were known as wise elders who would congregate around oak trees. Modern D ruids Today, the practice of modern Druidism is alive and well in two different branches of neo-Druidism. Druid Symbol of Awen. Elevate your inbox with weekly articles from Gaia.

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Druid Clan of Celliwig - Emrys y Dewin

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Sexual Practices of the Druids

You'll learn what Druidism is and how to practice it to achieve a more positive and enriching life. Included are instructions for gathering your ritual tools, choosing a craft name, and more. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title.

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