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It's a beautiful adventure puzzle game where you'll be on a mission to save the Greek gods while solving puzzles and fighting off deadly foes along the way. Embark on a journey to the Isle of the Blessed, taken over by dangerous creatures of mythology.

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Prove your legendary heroism by taking on their leader, Typhon, the deadliest monster in all of mythology in a face-off for the age. Explore a beautiful fantasy world where tricky puzzles, mysterious dungeons and heroic feats await. The journey will be as challenging and rewarding as the final destination. Will you be the Hero of the legends foretold? We're sure excited about this one. Watch Dogs has always been interesting, but things are about to get even more exciting if the latest trailer from E3 is anything to go by. Watch Dogs: Legion is going be set in London - a troubled city crushed by the grip of a totalitarian regime.

Your mission is to build a resistance army to liberate the city and free the nation. Everyone you see is recruitable and comes with their own backstory and skillset. Whether being a skilled fighter or just able to slip unnoticed through the streets in the guise of an elderly lady. It's certainly going to be a different game depending on who is in control.

The previous game was an utter RPG masterpiece packed full of vampires, dark alleyways and rich characters. The new game is written by the same creative genius behind that game, so we're expecting more of the same here. Enter uneasy alliances with the creatures who control the city and uncover the sprawling conspiracy which plunged Seattle into a bloody civil war between powerful vampire factions.

New trailers are coming all the time for this game, including glorious gameplay trailers from E3. The new game has plenty of promise and when we saw it at E3 and shown off in the gameplay trailer , we were utterly blown away. Even more so when the new trailer dropped with an appearance by Keanu Reeves.

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We finally have a release date now as well. Nothing to do now but wait impatiently for it to arrive. Developed by Crystal Dynamics the team behind the Tomb Raider games this new Marvel game focusses on the time after the Avengers have been disbanded but are now needed to save the world. Take control of the world's most awesome superhero team to save the planet. It was originally announced in December and shown off again at E3 An interesting character flaw system should make character progression both unique and interesting.

The Outer Worlds also promises different endgame scenarios and more based on the way you play too. Sounds fantastic. It has, however, been pushed back to , so you might have a wait on your hands. It's also now launching on Epic store first. Double Fine studios were at E3 showing off gameplay footage for Psychonauts 2, alongside the annoucement that the company is joining Xbox Game Studios.

In other words, a Psychonaut. Raz joins the Psychonauts at a dangerous time: a mole has infiltrated the organization and is planning to resurrect history's most cruelly powerful psychic villains. Not knowing who to trust, Raz must dive into the history of the Psychonauts, and that of his own family, to fight the demons of their shared past.

Explore the environment, expand your territory and evolve your clan through multiple generations too. Apparently, you'll be able to evolve over the course of millions of years staking your legacy as you go. No monkeying around! This new game is a character-driven, noir-inspired game taking place in the roaring 20s. You'll be concentrating on building your criminal empire while exploring the living and breathing city around you. Influence, power and healthy dose of bribery will be the key to survival here.

If you love sniping zombies and blasting them to oblivion, then we've got good news. The latest outing of the Zombie Army games series is returning soon. An all-new co-op playable campaign is almost certainly a highlight, alongside a "deep progression and customisation" system which includes everything from skills to special attacks, emotes and more. Because who doesn't like taunting brain nommers with a good emote?

Straight out of E3 comes what appears to be a spin-off of the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak mode that made an appearance in This is a standalone game that's set in the near future. A mutated alien parasite is infecting people and threatening mankind. This game is set to be a co-op game with players able to drop in and out of the game at any point.

Info on Outriders is a tad sparse at the moment, but if the trailer alone is anything to go by, it's certainly going to be a blast. Even more so with friends. Possession and scoring are the keys to victory in this colourful fast-paced sports game. You can go for more points by completing additional laps before attempting a goal. After each game, you gain fans, unlock sponsors, customize your character, and ultimately unlock impressive fan celebrations.

Got a thing for Vikings? Enjoy a good Battle Royale game? Fed up with hiding in a bush waiting for a chicken dinner?

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Then there might be good news in the form of Valhall - a medieval third and first-person hack 'n' slash with a Battle Royale twist. The promise of "deep" melee combat and fantastic Viking battles is enough to get us excited. Dying Light 2 was originally announced at E3 , now it's been shown off again at E3 Zombie games are almost over-done now, but we still love them.

Dying Light 2 also promises a world that changes based on your choices, so there's much more to this game than smashing zombies and surviving. The new trailer shows the fight isn't just against the brain nommers, but also factions of humans fighting it out for supremacy. We can't wait to get stuck in. The next update to Microsoft's Flight Simulator series is coming in With the promise of 4K HDR visuals and everything from light aeroplanes to wide-body jets to zip about in. Flight Simulator promises players the freedom to create their own flight plan and jet off anywhere in the world, flying day and night against realistic weather conditions.

We adored the first Chivalry game. A gruesome, blood-curdling medieval battle romp that saw you chopping off heads with broad swords and cutting down your foes with gut-wrenching screams. Chivalry 2 will be coming to Epic Store first sometime in Now we've also got the news that the next instalment of the series is also going to be available for PC gamers. Halo Infinite is the next chapter of the series which continues on from the Halo 5: Guardians storyline and promises an ambitious and unexpected direction for the game, powered by an all-new graphics engine.

Halo has never looked so good. Destroy All Humans! Terrorize the people of s Earth in the role of the evil alien Crypto Harvest DNA and bring down the US government in the remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure. Annihilate puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities. Reduce their cities to rubble with your flying Saucer! One giant step on mankind! This is probably as close as you're going to get. Now you'll be able to build your own lair, plot and plan out world domination and even train a force of criminal minions to do your bidding.

Construct your base, train your minions, defend your operations from the Forces of Justice, and achieve global domination! Twelve Minutes is an "interactive thriller" where you take the role of a husband who finds himself stuck in a time loop after a romantic dinner with his wife turns into a nightmare. Without warning, a police officer breaks into your home, accuses your wife of murder and beats you to death. When the events start all over again, you need to work out a way to change the outcome before facing another painful death. This game certainly feels like a mix of The Shining and Memento, so should make for an awesome gaming experience.

Blasphemous is set to be a "punishing" action adventure platformer with classically styled pixelated graphics. Hack-n-slash adventures through a huge universe of non-linear levels await. Blasphemous also has gore by the bucket-load with a brutal combat system that sees you dishing out death on anyone who dares to get in your way. Drift19 is said to be "the first and only serious drifting simulator". If you're a big fan of tearing up the track sideways then this is going to be the game for you. Highlights apparently include the ability to rebuild and tune your own car as well as the ability to tear it up with a drift squad.

Tyre screeching fun for sure. End State is set a to be an interesting early access game coming later this year. There's the promise of an open-world experience where you get to pick and choose the missions you play in a world with destructible environments that include bullet penetration and more. An interesting ballistics simulation system and enemy reaction system should make this an interesting game for sure. Scorn is an atmospheric horror adventure game in development by Ebb Software. It was originally scheduled to release in , but is still yet to appear. Giger who was part of the special effects team for the film Alien.

The trailer certainly shows some horrific visuals and a spine-tingling atmosphere that fans of the genre will love. Phantom Brigade is a turn-based tactical RPG, that promises a cinematic spin on the genre. This game will also have a focus on in-depth customisation and player-driven stories. It will be your mission to lead The Brigade through a hard-fought campaign to retake their homeland.

Dead Matter has been in development for a while now after appearing on Kickstarter. This is a new zombie survival game that the developers how will "properly" balance survival mechanics with enjoyable gameplay. Dragon Hound is a new monster hunting MMO that's currently in the works. Not much is known about the game at the moment.

Dragon mounts and plenty of online battles await with this one it seems. Nightdive Studios is set to remake and reboot the classic sci-fi adventure System Shock sometime in the near future. The developers are promising a new game that's true to the original while being given a refresh with modern visuals and gameplay. Fans of the series will be pleased to hear the original voice actor is returning too.

The original game released in , so this reboot is a long time coming and should certainly be an interesting one. System Shock 3 is also being developed, so we've got that to look forward to as well. We loved this game when it released on console back in and with a refresh for PC it's bound to be worth your pennies. We found it intriguing and thought-provoking and certainly enjoyed the cinematic stylings, so we can't wait to see what it's like on PC. Sensing a theme yet? Heavy Rain included. This is another brilliantly crafted gaming experience that PC gamers are bound to love.

Though we hope the visuals have had an overhaul since the original release back in Ashen is an action RPG about a wanderer in search of a place to call home. You'll be able to decide how you play with real people you encounter in the game world - ignore them, band together to fight off evil or invite them to your party. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is set to "reignite the classic series" by taking the old-school formula into the new era. The promise of online multiplayer and co-op modes too should make this game a total blast to play with friends.

This one really whets our appetite for mayhem and destruction. Maneater puts you in the body of a shark that's set on terrorising the coast and eating everything in its path. You'll be able to explore lush underwater landscapes including diving into shipwrecks, nosing about in swamps and lurking in the vast oceans. Maneater is set to be a single player RPG - allowing you to customise and upgrade your shark, evolving as you play. Certainly, one to get your teeth stuck into. Updated and improved for PC - including the promise of evolving content based on community feedback.

We're expecting big things here and it's already available to add to your Steam wishlist. From the same people who bought us Thief Simulator, Farm Manager and the Car Mechanic simulators comes a new game where your mission is to survive on Mars. This new game is apparently a highly technical, open-world, sandbox centring around Mars colonisation.

It will allow you to build and upgrade a base including everything from growing plants to learning how to generate oxygen and survive the harsh climates of Mars. Beyond that, we don't know much other than we're excited. Elder Scrolls fans have been waiting impatiently for a sequel to Skyrim for what might seem like forever. Exciting times lie ahead though. It's still early days, but there is some promise of a brilliant second outing for Dead Island 2 - another zombie-slaying adventure that we loved when we first played it on PC.

Weapon crafting, a bright and unusual island location and zombies in bathing costumes, this game had it all. The new trailer doesn't show much, but it certainly looks like there's going to be some of the same hilarity and good times. And you can get a vibe from that while watching the trailer. Deathloop transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins. You'll be hunting down targets all over the island while trying to evade death.

Armed with your own mysterious spectral abilities, you will face down the occult, unravel conspiracy theories and experience urban legends like never before. It's a fast and frantic four vs four brawler that's colourful, packed full of character and utter chaos. We can't help but see an Overwatch vibe to this game, but it certainly looks like smashing fun.

If you can't wait, you can sign up for the Alpha test here. We don't have a release at this point and detail is fairly sparse. The only hints come from the teaser trailer and the blurb:. The fate of Faerun lies in your hands. Alone, you may resist.

But together, you can overcome. John Wick Hex is a fast-paced, action-oriented strategy game with a top-down view and colourful cell-shaded graphics. Obviously, gratifying gunplay is going to be the name of the game here, but ammo is finite, so you're going to have to use your bullets carefully and make equally smart choices. They refuse to admit that their investigative skills have gone the way of the Dodo and Woolie. Maybe they should start taking lessons from UFO Investigators who handle the unusual stories regularly and think before they speak.

While reading initial reports my Spider senses started kicking in, I mean my UFO investigative skills I immediately started thinking hoax.

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Not a day or 2 days later, but at the get go. This event was turning into a grade A number one hoax, something seasoned UFO investigators have a tendency to spot from time to time. Ya think? Helium is a natural gas which is drilled for. Helium is actually rare! The gas field has to be enclosed in radioactive rock for helium to be produced.

It takes millions of years for the radioactive rock to slowly decay to create this gas. So, why was the balloon partially filled with helium? This balloon was getting ready for flight! Second Original Red Flag: How was the balloon released?

Ghost Investigation Team looking for a logo that is seriously historical and scary

Authorities claim the silver balloon was 20 feet long and 5 feet high. This sucker was big? Well, later reports confirmed my original assumption. It was purposely released as seen by later video. Third Original Red Flag: An older brother saw his younger sibling go inside the base of a helium filled balloon, to play? Fourth Red Flag: Could this type of balloon carry a pay-load weight of an average size boy of his age? So, the fourth red flag was answered by a creditable authority.

But what about the other three? His brother had said he watched Falcon get into the balloon before the father had un-tied the tethers, setting it free. Yep, you have to look for all the red flags then proceed with caution. Yep, we can all learn something valuable from this story when it comes to investigations. First, look at the source of information. If your witness has a history of suspicious behavior, then suspect him, or her and perform the appropriate tasks to cover all the bases, and this does include chasing a balloon which may have the slightest chance a child is on board.

Second, what happened to completing an on-site initial investigation? In the case of the missing boy, a proper canine unit would have found him pretty quickly. Third, suspect and expect the unexpected. Challenge everything! Look for anything unusual, watch for red flags and go after them.

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Go with your gut feeling even though it may be completely different from the majority rule. This will help you excel in the direction you want to go. You may or may not agree with the other opinions, but give yourself the opportunity to make that decision. It was a horrendous thing to do as we were all feeling so sorry for the famliy and waited with baited breath to see if the little boy was ok.

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  6. NOT a nice thing to do — pretty bad stunt! We all know how the Roswell story went. One of the most blatant UFO cover ups ever.

    What if — the boy was a victim of alien abduction. And this hoax, was done, with full intention of being discovered to be a hoax?