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Nikola Tesla and the End of the World: Episode 2

She is one of the most frequently cited researchers in this field. For example, she is also dealing in depth with the saving, consumption and labour market behaviour of private households, where she is conducting empirical work to put the assumptions and predictions of fundamental economic theories to the test. One of the topics she has investigated in this context is what compels people to save money. Here she was able to use the situation that evolved following German reunification as the basis for her research: The dramatic economic upheaval in the east of the country allowed her to make clear theoretical forecasts and test them with data.

Her recent work explores the question of why Europeans work less hours per year than US Americans and points to the tax system, which in her view plays a key role. Mahat means literally the Great One, and is also interpreted as meaning universal mind or cosmic intelligence. Prana means energy usually translated as life force and Akasha means matter usually translated as ether.

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Dobson points out that the more common translations for Akasha and Prana are not quite correct, but that Tesla did understand their true meanings. The Swami later remarked during a lecture in India, "I myself have been told by some of the best scientific minds of the day, how wonderfully rational the conclusions of the Vedanta are. I know of one of them personally, who scarcely has time to eat his meal, or go out of his laboratory, but who would stand by the hour to attend my lectures on the Vedanta; for, as he expresses it, they are so scientific, they so exactly harmonize with the aspirations of the age and with the conclusions to which modern science is coming at the present time".

William S. Thompson was one of the prominent scientists and engineers of the s. He developed analogies between heat and electricity and his work influenced the theories developed by James Clerk Maxwell, one of the founders of electromagnetic theory. Thompson supervised the successful laying of the Trans Atlantic Cable and for that work was knighted Lord Kelvin. Kelvin had endorsed Tesla's theories and proposed system for the wireless transmission of electrical power. Tesla continued to study Hindu and Vedic philosophy for a number of years as indicated by the following letter written to him by Lord Kelvin.

London, S. May 20, I was trying hard nearly all the. Lady Kelvin joins me in kind regards, and I remain,. Yours always truly,. Walter Russell was one of the most accomplished artists, sculptors, writers and scientists of this century. His periodic chart of the elements accurately predicted the location and characteristics of four elements years before they were discovered in laboratories.

These are now known as Deuterium, Tritium, Neptunium, and Plutonium. Russell apparently entered into a heightened state of awareness after being struck by lightning. He began several weeks of drawing and writing about the basic nature and make up of the physical universe. Russells' family finally called the family doctor to determine if Russell should be committed to an mental institution. The doctor, upon seeing the results of Russells weeks of work, said that he did not know what Russell was doing, but that he definitely was not mad. Although the exact time and occasion of their meeting has not yet been determined, Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell did meet and discuss their respective cosmologies.

Although Tesla did not accept many of the tenants of relativity and quantum theory and never made the connection between matter and energy, he did recognize the possibility of free and unlimited energy as demonstrated by the following statement. Can Man control [the ] grandest, most awe inspiring of all processes in nature? If he could do this, he would have powers almost unlimited and supernatural He could cause planes to collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light.

He could originate and develop life in all its infinite forms We see that Tesla is asking a question, speculating, searching for an answer. If Tesla had developed free energy sources or learned how to manipulate space time and gravity, during the time of his most public and productive years, up until about , he would have had answers to those questions.

Tesla's most misunderstood invention is popularly known as the "Death Ray".

Nikola Tesla - The World's Sorcerer | Tesla Universe

It was simply a particle beam weapon which he proposed in and was fabricated under contracts with Alcoa Aluminum and the English and Italian governments. So we see that mankind has not yet harnessed the infinite power of the universe as envisioned by Nikola Tesla. The question remains, why not? Free energy devices, if they are feasible, are not about smaller faster microcircuits or a bigger better mouse traps. This is a technology which may revolutionize the socio-economic status quo on planet Earth. At this moment the big pie is unevenly divided. One quarter of the population on this rock, the third stone from the sun, consumes three quarters of the yearly resource output.

As one can easily deduce, from a brief study of world affairs, there are about three billion people who have just about had it with this scenario.

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There are wars starvation and strife in every nook and cranny of the planet. So what do we do about it? Either we divide the pie more evenly or we make the pie larger. The first option requires that our standard of living must fall so that the standard of living in the third world may rise. The second option allows us to maintain our standard of living while we help raise the standard of living of under privileged nations.

This we must do. It is our destiny. It is our responsibility. It is our final test. Thirty thousand people starve to death every day on this planet, most of them are children. Nations fight nations, war is part of our lives.

INNES Institute Vienna

What drives our economy in the western world, allows us to enjoy a high standard of living, a life of leisure compared to our neighbors south of the imaginary line called a border? Many answers both economic, social, political, and spiritual can be given. We do know that the standard of living that a nation enjoys is directly related energy consumption. Energy drives the economies of nations and Tesla's life long goal was to make electric power equally available to all people any where on this planet.

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  7. He continued to promote his plan for the wireless transmission of power in the yearly interviews he gave on his birthday as late as Electrical power can run pumps from water wells in areas affected by drought. Electrical power delivered to the poverty stricken areas of the world can make the pie larger, can help bring about the needed economic equality which is our birth right. Why hasn't power been made equally available to all people and nations?

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    Perhaps because "easy things are seldom done for the same reason that impossible things are rarely done: no one will pay for anything believed to be easy or impossible". What we are talking about is personal power, national power, planetary power, karmic power and the power of love. The sages tell us that in order to enjoy power we have to let go of power, to overcome ourselves. As an example this author can describe one of his recent experiences.

    After a very successful symposium celebrating the th year after Nikola Tesla arrived in the United States 21, a non profit corporation, c 3 , was formed specifically to encourage and pursue research into the inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla. Two years later, after a second symposium, several of the founding members approached the board of directors with a proposal to validate Tesla's claim that wireless transmission of power was possible.

    Board members suggested that permission be obtained from the FCC, an environmental impact statement be filed with the EPA, and we should go form "our own non profit corporation". Some researchers even hypothesised that internal secretions could affect the sexual behaviour of both animals and human beings. In the early s, Eugen Steinach, the Austrian physiologist, started to transplant ovaries into castrated male animals, precipitating the development of typical female characteristics, and to transplant testicles into sterilised female animals, triggering the development of typical male characteristics.

    Thus Steinach came to believe that testes and ovaries had masculinising and feminising effects on the recipient. In Steinach, with the urologist Robert Lichterstern, performed a testicular grafting with the aim of learning whether homosexuality was treatable. He argued that all human beings contain both male and female physical characteristics. The human embryo and the foetus are not sexually differentiated until the third month, so morphologically the two sexes start to differ in their secondary sexual characteristics only when the sexual glands develop.

    Conversely, if the F element female interstitial cells prevails, the result is a female. In , he left Bari to replace the celebrated Italian doctor, Edoardo Maragliano, as director of the medical clinic at the University of Genoa. It is this last aspect, the eugenic component of his work, that has attracted the most attention.

    This reticence is more than a little surprising, given the fact that Italian eugenics, as Mantovani has demonstrated, put reproduction at the centre of its activities. How eugenics, endocrinology and sexology were intertwined in the interwar period and the practical consequences of this for sexological practices remain, in my opinion, largely unexplored in the Italian context. Therefore, according to Pende, the endocrine glands affect human psychology, the emotional sphere and even sexual behaviour.

    It was also meant to be a clinical approach that aimed to treat not the sick but the healthy, and to reveal their morbid hereditary or acquired predispositions. Biotypology highlighted minor weaknesses and sought to disclose the relationship between the endocrinal and the nervous systems, as it was believed that an early intervention was more successful than a belated one. It was simply that he envisaged his science as best suited to enhancing the individual and the race.


    Thus, opotherapy could correct the unbalanced functioning of the endocrinal glands and transmit such corrections to future generations. In this sense hormone treatments were eugenic tools of intervention. Both the increased fecundity and the improvement of the Italian stock could be achieved, according to Pende, through endocrinology. Such eugenicist aims did not remain purely abstract ambitions but assumed a concrete form in when Pende founded the Instituto biotipologico ortogenetico literally Biotypological Orthogenetic Institute, hereafter referred to as Institute of Biotypology in Genoa.

    I suggest that the real novelty of this institute lay in its use of endocrinology, which came to offer highly practical tools of intervention, in the guise of hormone treatments, to improve the Italian stock. It is worth noting that such tools took the form of post-natal interventions, and as such were consistent with the fundamental tenets of the Catholic religion. The Institute had a number of rooms devoted to various sorts of examination: from anthropometric to psychological examination, from functional to blood examinations; all individuals were photographed and the results of the examinations recorded.

    Emilio Maura and Paolo Peloso point out that as Pende had been Director of the Opera Nazionale Balilla for the Liguria region since , this would have certainly made it easier for him and his Institute to obtain access to the bodies of young men to be examined and eventually treated. As a consequence some of his theories and hypotheses changed over time. The sexual characteristics were stimulated by the genital, thyroid, and pituitary glands and by the adrenal cortex. So biological men are normally attracted to the opposite sex.

    For example, castrated male animals, following the implant of an ovary, had been shown to have had sex with other males. In his writings Pende did not always make this link explicit, but it is reasonable to assume that he did by and large take it for granted.

    A taxonomy of this kind, combined with specific behaviours and psychological characteristics, was designed to codify men and women as certain kinds of human being.

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    5. In his work Le debolezze di costituzione [Consititutional Inadequacies], which was published for the first time in and translated into a number of different languages including English , Pende explained how endocrine dysfunctions affected the sexual instinct, and spelled out the scientific assumptions behind opotherapy and gland transplants. But in other pages, the reference becomes explicit.

      For example, if hypogenitalism is associated with hyper-thyroidism, then the subject is energetic and irritable, and highly intelligent. Indeed opotherapy, gland transplants and other hormone treatments were used to normalise individuals who presented ambiguous genitals or secondary sexual characteristics. It focuses on 21 clinical cases of transplants of endocrine glands from monkeys to men and women carried out by the surgeon, Professor Luigi Durante, at the time also working in Genoa, and under the supervision of Pende himself. Less well-known, Pende continued, were the pluriglandular implants.

      Pende stated that he was not interested in entering into a discussion about whether other endocrinologists before him had carried out heteroplastic pluriglandular implants, although it is clear he was claiming to be among the first to have used such a method successfully. Pende claimed that his method for carrying out heteroplastic pluriglandular implants was new, although he admitted that Voronoff and Louis Dartigues had anticipated his findings, having published four cases of simultaneous ovary and thyroid transplants from monkeys to women. Unfortunately, Pende does not say much about the personal lives of his patients.

      In marked contrast to psychiatric clinical cases, the writing-up of endocrinological cases are generally very cursory. The emphasis is upon the examinations of the body, the therapies administered and the bodily changes recorded over a limited period of time where Pende was concerned, from six months to around two years. Where there is any mention of the occupations of the men treated, we find that they belonged to the professional classes: medical doctors and naval officers.