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Anger can make it very difficult to be authentic and connect to your spouse, especially because the only connection that can happen is to whatever is in front of your shield of self-protection, which is often a very shallow, non-vulnerable self. In being self-protective, you disable the very thing your heart craves—authentic connection. Anger is not necessarily a bad thing. It informs us that something is going on that we need to pay attention to, something that needs to be addressed and changed.

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This could be something within ourselves, such as dissonance or unresolved trauma. Maybe our expectations need to be evaluated or our perception lined up with reality.

A Woman Scorned

There might be an external force creating chaos or injustice that needs to be addressed. We control much less than we think we do, and circumstances have a way of proving that. People treat us wrongly. We lose. Our debt overwhelms us. Whether the anger is internal or external, we are going to have to address the root issues. Take some time to evaluate how much anger is impacting your thinking. Do you constantly feel off-kilter, fearful, unjustly treated, misjudged, or misunderstood? Sitting in those emotions without navigating them purposefully or intentionally toward a healthy direction will lead your soul to the kind of anger that diminishes and destroys.

Evaluate the impact of anger on your behavior.

A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (1992)

Is your anger propelling you into behaviors that are demanding, punitive, coercive, or manipulative? Are you sarcastic and contemptuous? Is the silence glaring and cold? Both silence and rage break down relationships, and not living congruently as the kind of person you want to be will break down you.

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Anger may also be exhibited as anxiety or depression, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, little tolerance or patience, or as a driving force in an addiction. What am I fighting against? How can I better ask for what I really need? Who knew you could pack so many twists and surprises into such a small window either, I cannot even tell you just how many times I was floored, seriously impressive and I never saw anything coming before it happened, bravo Mr.

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Man oh man, I love Jack Jordans novella's! I'm always at the edge of my seat and after reading My Girl I quickly became hooked and I'm happy to say A Woman Scorned was equally as addicting! There's nothing more intriguing than that blurb above. I wanted to know why the husband was in over his head.

I was itching to meet the mistress because we all love affairs when it comes to psychological thriller's. I had to know who the heck the n Man oh man, I love Jack Jordans novella's! If you love secrets, lies, drama and some twisty, dark writing then you will love this novella.

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Yes, it's short but it keeps you wanting more with it's well developed characters and the very addictive plot. A Woman Scorned is written so well and it's just waiting to be devoured in one sitting with all it's intensity! If you are a fan of psychological thriller's then I highly recommend Jack Jordan!

You'll love his darker writing style just as much as I do! View all 4 comments. Jul 05, Jayme rated it really liked it Shelves: thrillers-mystery-and-crime. Well, this DARK twisted novella about pages is about a the lengths that this woman scorned will go to for revenge, told from the viewpoints of the four characters involved : The Wife The Mistress The Neighbor The Husband Each part has some repetition word for word so that you realize that each part is actually happening simultaneously with the other parts, and also a new reveal.

Apr 13, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. What a deliciously dark book this is. Whilst only a shortish read with it being a novella, it had me gripped from the off. The story is split into four parts, each being told in the point of view from each of the four characters. I absolutely loved this as it actually makes for some surprising reading. I really had no clue in what direction the author would take me. With each part I was even more hooked and getting closer to the edge of my seat. A Woman Scorned will certainly make you think twice about ever cheating, In fact it might even put you off marrying altogether!

An absolute belter of a read by the author who just goes from strength to strength. Apr 14, Mandy White rated it it was amazing Shelves: tbc-books. I really, really wanted it to keep going as I loved the story so much! Don't mess with a woman scorned - and this is one crazy rollercoaster of lies and twists. Great characters, and for a short story we find out a lot about them. Can any of them be trusted? Such a great book - thanks to TBC and the author for a copy to read and love!

Amber was a psychopath. Amber was warped. Amber was dark. Amber was malicious. She has all the markings for a kick ass heroine who gets her revenge on her cheating husband.

A Woman Scorned

However she fell short f 2. However she fell short for me. That shortness came in the form of Ambers motivation. Ambers only motivation was to have the perfect life. She felt she deserved the perfect marriage, child, home, etc and took care of anyone in the way.

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There were three different plans in place and in play - by different major characters - and that took away from the story for me. No one was a good person Yes, I said the mistress was the only half way decent person in the book and she even walked the line. Is Amber a strong character? Was she A Woman Scorned?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Yes, as her husband cheated BUT could you blame the husband? Should he have gone about it differently? Did Amber get was she wanted? Most definitely. Lana as she would simply end Amber before any games began. Apr 10, Ellen rated it it was amazing. This may be a short story but it certainly packs a punch. Amber is the woman scorned and you do NOT want to mess with her. She is not the only one with revenge on her mind though Highly recommend!

May 20, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychological , thriller , novella. Jack Jordan has successfully delivered this juicy, sinister gem of a novella to keep the fans ticking over ahead of his next full novel Before Her Eyes release in August! Sorry, ladies, and I generalize a stere Jack Jordan has successfully delivered this juicy, sinister gem of a novella to keep the fans ticking over ahead of his next full novel Before Her Eyes release in August!

Page 2 on my Kindle, in fact. Just boom- and the game was on! Here I have to confess!!! What matters the most here is that as a whole, A Woman Scorned is THE perfect story for anyone who wants to spend a thunderous couple of hours completely captured! Every element this story rides on, was perfect and purposeful and so darned deliciously dark! No… this baby hides so much more in between its covers!

And I stand by my hashtag, JackIsBack, and with a bang! A Woman Scorned is a short read, at less than pages, so it was very easy to pick this one up, and not put it down until I finished it. It helps that it was a fun story to read too. Not fun in the usual sense obviously, but fun in the sense that it was a juicy little read.

I enjoy a domestic noir-ish thriller, but this one has a little more spice to it. The characters are multi-faceted, and we get a glimpse into each of them, which made it all the more interesting to see why they were the way they were, if that makes sense?! Honestly, I would have read the hell out of this if it was a full book! I wanted more! But that being said, this is a little gem of a story. I really enjoyed it! May 27, Michelle Ryles rated it it was amazing Shelves: galleys-read. Jack Jordan is one of my favourite authors so it was like having a trip to 'excitement city' when he released a novella as I waited patiently for his next novel.

The writing as usual is superb but this book is SO good that the pages flick by so quickly and, being a novella, the whole experience is over far too quickly. Yes, I'm a greedy reader and I want more Jack Jordan books! I can almost hear Jack's fingers whooshing over the keyboard A Woman Scorned Jack Jordan is one of my favourite authors so it was like having a trip to 'excitement city' when he released a novella as I waited patiently for his next novel.

A Woman Scorned What a book, it is absolutely gripping and full of surprises. I certainly wouldn't want to cross this scorned woman! I positively whizzed through the book and although I wanted to savour every single word, I just couldn't read it fast enough. Jack Jordan has that knack of giving you just enough Hansel and Gretel crumbs to follow whilst also releasing the handbrake on the runaway train so you can't read it fast enough before the breathtaking conclusion. Amber is one of those women that I would love to have as a friend but at the same time I would be frightened of saying the wrong thing to her.

At the flick of a switch she can go from being the perfect wife to a cold calculating woman bent on revenge. Having read as many books as I have, I did guess a little of the big reveal but I still enjoyed every single second of it. Nobody can write with as much drama and unbridled tension as Jack Jordan and if you haven't discovered him yet, I urge you to pick up, not one but, all of his books right now! A Woman Scorned is an absolute belter; thrilling, gripping and completely riveting, you won't be able to put it down!

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. This was a quick read, interesting plot. Apr 24, Joanne Robertson rated it it was amazing. Jack is back! The plot plays out over the course of one day as wronged wife Amber decides to take reve Yay! The plot plays out over the course of one day as wronged wife Amber decides to take revenge on her cheating husband. The twists and turns that follow are devilishly devious and I want everyone to have the same shocked reaction that I did so the less information I hand out the better!

Just when you think you have it all sussed, Jack Jordan throws another surprise into the mix just to keep you on your toes! A highly addictive and entertaining read that I have no hesitation in recommending. And looking forward to more from Jack very soon! Jun 10, Ingstje rated it it was amazing. The whole story from beginning to end is delightfully twisted and I was surprised by new revelations with every new point of view. This was quite a rollercoaster read. Only a few pages in and I knew she was a reckoning.

Revenge is always a great motivator and when I met Amber and heard that she knew about The Mistress and kept it all in her pretty little head, well I knew she was dangerous, but how dangerous exactly? I was anxious and excited to find out Such fun to discover! If you enjoy psychological thrillers than this is a must-read so just go and read it already! Another over-hyped story I have been waiting a long time to read. Don't get me wrong, it definitely had some fun elements and some nice, little twists.

But I expected something a little more explosive. The ending was really anti-climatic. May 24, Petra rated it it was amazing Shelves: thrillers , short-stories. The wife, the husband, the mistress, and the neighbour. All this in a short story of only pages, but somehow the characters were still impeccably drawn. I really enjoyed Jack Jordan 's previous releases, My Girl and Anything for Her , and I loved this novella, which has me itching for his next release Before Her Ey "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned".

An easy 5-star read! Jun 02, Janie rated it really liked it. Finished it in one sitting. This book is about a wife wanting revenge against her husband plus, there are other things going on in the story that will keep the reader engaged until the very end! This novella is a total gem for those of us who love a psychological thriller. Amber is a woman that no one should mess with, she has fought hard to get the perfect life and nothing and nobody is taking that away Looking forward to reading lots more by this author.

Terrifying, Suspensful If there is one lesson I have learned while reading this novella, it's that sometimes less is certainly more! If you are looking for a book that will grip your attention, keep your heart racing from the first to the very last page and leave you utterly floored on th Terrifying, Suspensful If you are looking for a book that will grip your attention, keep your heart racing from the first to the very last page and leave you utterly floored on the last page, you need look no further. I was a little concerned when I heard that Jack Jordan's first book in almost two years was a novella.

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  7. I wanted more already. I wanted to get lost in his words for hours and to stay in his intricate world until my eyes were too heavy to endure another page. I was worried that a novella would leave me wanting more. Instead, the only feeling I was left with was utter breathlessness and admiration. Amber is not only a character you will love to hate, she is the kind of character you truly hope does not exist in real life.

    She is utterly terrifying. This cold, calculating vindictive woman is about to have her revenge on her cheating husband, and in a way you will never see coming. Amber lives a perfect life, in a beautiful and expensive home that looks nothing short of immaculate to all those who view it from the outside. She is the wife next door with a beautiful daughter and successful husband.

    But one morning, as her husband kisses her goodbye to leave for work, Amber is plotting her revenge. The book plays out over one fateful day from four different perspectives. I need say no more! For any woman who has ever wondered how she would handle the news of an affair or for any man who has ever considered straying View 2 comments. Dec 30, Chanel Lindsay rated it really liked it. I instantly adored Jack's story-telling and his need to truly thrill his readers. This book is no different, being just pages, this is in fact a short story but it is every bit as gripping and brilliantly-written as full-length novels.