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Authentic Confidence In any work you do, whether you are a leader in sales or operations, sports or the performing arts — you need confidence.

Question: What is the ideal pace for a presentation?

The 7 Keys will guide you in the complex process of presenting yourself and your work. Applying The 7 Keys will distinquish you from the competition. Get Your Free Copy….

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Nothing kills your momentum faster than a drawn out transition. The movement of your visual aids should also be smooth, seamless and quick. That is not to suggest that you go through them rapid fire. What is does mean is that your should have rehearsed enough with your visual elements that you appear to be totally in control.

Presenting & Public Speaking Tips - How to improve skills & confidence

There should not be a lot of lag time when you move from one slide to another. The presenter should not need to look at the screen every time a new slide pops up or a new bullet is revealed. This breaks the momentum and can cause your presentation to drag. A very simple approach to a personal mission statement is to consider the following: 1. What do I do? Articulate your mission statement to anyone, at any time, anywhere when appropriate.

Question: What is the ideal pace for a presentation? - High Impact Communication

When we are clear about who we are and what we do, and can articulate this message to others, we project confidence, competence, and credibility. Attitude is our most important and valuable possession! We have no choice as to whether or not we project an attitude.