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This expression held powerful meaning of "divine joy and perfect happiness" to the people of the day. In other words, Jesus was saying "divinely happy and fortunate are those who possess these inward qualities. Many interpretations and teachings have been set forth through the principles conveyed in the beatitudes.

Each beatitude is a proverb-like saying packed with meaning and worthy of study. Most scholars agree that the beatitudes give us a picture of the true disciple of God. The phrase "poor in spirit" speaks of a spiritual condition of poverty. It describes the person who recognizes his or her need for God.

Paraphrase: "Blessed are those who humbly recognize their need for God, for they will enter into his kingdom. The freedom found in forgiveness of sin and the joy of eternal salvation is the "comfort" of those who repent.

A Different View of the Beatitudes

Paraphrase: "Blessed are those who mourn for their sins, for they shall receive forgiveness and life eternal. Similar to "the poor," "the meek" are those who submit to God's authority and make him Lord. Revelation says God's children will "inherit all things. Paraphrase: "Blessed are those who submit to God as Lord, for they will inherit everything he possesses. This " righteousness " refers to Jesus Christ. To "be filled" is the satisfaction of our soul's desire. Paraphrase: "Blessed are those who passionately long for Christ, for he will satisfy their souls.

We reap what we sow. Their life is a creeping paralysis. Afraid to stand for their convictions, they end by having no convictions to stand to. Dallas Willard , most notably, in the fourth chapter of his "The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God" has proposed that the Beatitudes are not virtues or meritorious conditions.

Rather, they are proclamations that the people before Jesus on the mountain are blessed well off because they are disciples of Jesus Christ.

These proclamations are instructive in that they communicate to the hearers that many who are in a deplorable condition are blessed in spite of this because the kingdom of heaven has been opened even to them by Jesus Christ. Alfred Edersheim held a similar or identical view. He is quoted by Willard as saying: "It is not because a man is poor in spirit that his is the Kingdom of Heaven, in the sense that one state will grow into the other, or be its result; still less is the one the reward of the other.

The connecting link is in each case Christ Himself: because He… "has opened the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers. The Beatitudes then, are, according to Willard, "…proof that, in [Jesus], the rule of God from the heavens truly is available in life circumstances that are beyond all human hope. Also: Psalm 34, 37, and Again, the inversion occurs, not because of a meritorious condition but in spite of it and by God's salvific initiative. In the Book of Mormon , a religious text of Mormonism , Jesus gives a sermon to a group of indigenous Americans including statements very similar to Matthew 6 and evidently derived therefrom: [23].

Yea, blessed are the poor in spirit 'who come unto me,' for theirs is the kingdom of heaven 3 Nephi And blessed are all they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled 'with the Holy Ghost' 3 Nephi Blessed the soul that hath been raised to life through My quickening breath and hath gained admittance into My heavenly Kingdom.

The Qur'an quotes the Bible only in Q which resembles Psalm referred to in Matthew ; but the Qur'an uses "righteous" rather than "meek". The Bhagavad Gita and the traditional writings of Buddhism e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see beatitudes disambiguation. Early life. In rest of the NT. Road to Damascus John's vision. Bible portal. The Synoptics: Matthew, Mark, Luke. Steubenville, OH: Emmaus Road. The Gospel of the Kingdom.

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Catholic Encyclopedia. Retrieved September 5, October Leicester: Send the Light. Dictionary of the Bible: dealing with its language, literature, and contents, including the Biblical theology. Fourth, every principle taught in the Sermon on the Mount is also taught elsewhere in the New Testament in contexts that clearly apply to believers of our present age. Fifth, there are many New Testament passages that command equally impossible standards, which unglorified human strength cannot continually achieve see Rom.

The teachings of the Sermon on the Mount are for believers today, marking the distinctive life-style that should characterize the direction, if not the perfection, of the lives of Christians of every age. Unfortunately, those standards do not always characterize Christians. Those who do not follow them as a general direction of life have an unacceptable righteousness Matt. Who knows more about a product than the manufacturer? The manufacturer prints those manuals to explain what the item is designed to do and not do, how it is to be cared for, what its limitations are, and so on.

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God has made every human being, yet few turn to their Maker to find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives, to learn how they are to live and how they are to take care of themselves-how they can function properly and happily as they were designed to do. As the Sermon on the Mount itself makes clear, internal changes also bring external changes. When our attitudes and thinking are right, our actions will fall in line.

Study the Meaning of 8 Blessings From the Sermon on the Mount

If our inner life does not make our outer life better, our inner life is deficient or nonexistent. But the true outside life can only be produced from a true inside life. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones compares the Christian life to playing music. Even though the notes are played correctly, they do not produce the sonata.

The Fifth Beatitude

The pianist may mechanically strike the right notes at the right time, yet miss the essence, the soul, of the composition. He may not at all express what Beethoven meant to be expressed. The true artist must play the right notes at the right time. He is not exempt from the rules and principles of music. But accurate playing is not what makes him a great musician.

It is his expression of what lies behind the notes that enthralls his listeners. That concern reveals an obedient heart filled with the desire to glorify the Lord. To claim to follow the spirit without obeying the letter is to be a liar. To follow the letter without following the spirit is to be a hypocrite.

To follow the spirit in the right attitude and the letter in the right action is to be a faithful child of God and a loyal subject of the King. Millions of people think they can be saved by obeying the Sermon on the Mount. They think it is easier than trying to obey the Ten Commandments.

“The Beatitudes”

How foolish! Nobody was ever saved by obeying any law Gal. Under his Law, if a man murdered another, he was guilty, but Jesus says that hatred in the heart is the moral equivalent of murder. Lust is adultery in the heart. Please keep in mind that the Beatitudes come first. They describe the kind of person who, under the power of the Spirit, can live the way Matt. Note the progression in the Beatitudes:. The Sermon on the Mount does not mention the Holy Spirit or the blood of Christ, yet the basis for it is Calvary, and the power to live it is by the Holy Spirit.

Keeping it according to its letter is going back to the very Pharisaic righteousness that Jesus is condemning! The first sixteen verses of Matthew 5 describe the true Christian and deal with character. The rest of the Sermon on the Mount deals with conduct that grows out of character. Character always comes before conduct, because what we are determines what we do. In Matt. Thus, He exposed the false righteousness of the Pharisees, who taught that holiness consisted in religious actions, and that sin was what you did outwardly.

How many people make these mistakes today! The Beatitudes Collectively — The word beatitude is not found in your Bible. It simply means blessing and comes from the Latin word for blessed. There is definite progression in these verses. They show how the person begins with his or her own sense of sin and finally becomes a child of God and the results that then follow. Note that these verses deal with attitudes—what we think in our hearts, our outlook on life.

Our attitude toward others; we are teachable; we do not defend ourselves when we are wrong. Here our attitude toward God is expressed; we receive His righteousness by faith because we ask for it. The rest of the Beatitudes show the results of the new life in the believer:. We keep our lives clean; holiness is happiness to us, and we want no substitutes. Christians should bring peace, between people and God and between those who are at odds with each other. We share the Gospel of peace. The Beatitudes Individually — We must be empty before we can be full.

The opposite of this is self-sufficiency. Our sufficiency is not of ourselves 2 Cor. The world promotes self-sufficiency, yet God dwells with the person whose heart is broken Isa. This does not mean false humility or cowardice; it means a proper attitude toward self, realizing how weak and sinful we are apart from Christ. Compare the two men in Luke — This is sincere sorrow for sin, our sin and the sins of others.

How careless we are about sin!

The Beatitudes Part 1: The Beatitudes - David Legge - Preach The Word

Beware of the sorrow of this world 2 Cor. Peter mourned with godly sorrow and was forgiven; Judas had remorse—the sorrow of this world—and he took his life. Meekness is not weakness! Jesus was meek Matt. Moses was meek Num. Meekness means not asserting my own rights, but living for the glory of God.

Christians are to show meekness Eph. We are prone to be self-willed. A true Christian has an appetite for spiritual things. Ask people what they desire and you will know what they are like. This is not legalism, but merely the working of the biblical principle of sowing and reaping. If we show mercy, because Christ has been merciful to us, then mercy will come back to us see Luke —13; James ; Prov. We do not earn mercy, but we must have hearts prepared to receive it. Not sinlessness 1 John but the truth within Ps.

It means a single heart, not divided between God and the world. Titus describes this world at war. Christians have the Gospel of peace on their feet Eph.